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Coordinate is a comprehensive software tool designed to streamline client project management by providing a collaborative client portal, customizable workflows, and scalability across multiple teams and clients.


Creating and managing projects, task groups, and tasks in Coordinate, including assigning tasks, setting due dates, statuses, descriptions, files, progress bars, sub-checklists, media, and dependencies.


Utilizing Coordinate for efficient project management, from creating a project and inviting collaborators to assigning tasks and tracking progress.


Using templates assigning tasks to specific roles, and understanding template due dates to help standardize processes, ensure best practices, and improve productivity across different projects.


Using custom project summaries in Coordinate to enhance client communication, streamline project comprehension, and ensure key project information is easily accessible.



Allow potential clients to fill out a customized form on your marketing site (or wherever), which automatically create a project within Coordinate. The guide walks through the process of setting up and customizing the form, assigning roles, applying templates, and testing the whole procedure to ensure a seamless onboarding and collaboration experience.


Streamlining Workflows with Coordinate’s "Wait On Dependencies" Feature: A Step-By-Step Guide


Project Roles enhance your team's efficiency and productivity.


Create and manage subtasks in Coordinate to efficiently distribute work, set deadlines, and ensure that a parent task is only completed when all its subtasks are finished.


Using Coordinate's Project List to streamline project management, allowing vendors to personalize the system based on specific processes.


Creating a client login page, inviting clients, and customizing the page to streamline project access and improve your clients' experience.


Creating, assigning, and reviewing forms within tasks in Coordinate, enhancing collaboration and data collection with clients.


How to use individual and global pages in Coordinate projects and templates, facilitating efficient project management and seamless information access for clients.


Using eSignatures in Coordinate, from project creation to secure client approval, to establish a transparent and accountable record of activities and responsibilities within the project lifecycle.


How to use templates in Coordinate, emphasizing their role as flexible building blocks for efficient project management, consistency, and customizing solutions based on client needs.


How to enable us open communication with clients and internal team collaboration through separate shared and private tasks and discussion threads.


How to use Coordinate's action buttons for automation of task creation by creating action buttons, and optimizing task groups for efficient client data collection and project management.


How to create and implement a personalized Welcome Page in Coordinate, aimed at improving the client experience and simplifying the project onboarding process.


How to create an efficient client-facing support ticketing system in Coordinate, including project creation, ticket management, and customization options for a tailored client experience.

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