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A High-Level Overview of Coordinate: Streamlining Client Project Management

In today's digital era, managing client projects efficiently is the cornerstone of a successful business. With the advent of project management tools like Coordinate, businesses can navigate their client projects with ease and precision. Coordinate is designed to streamline workflows, facilitate better communication, and help scale processes across multiple teams and clients. Here's a comprehensive overview of Coordinate and how it can revolutionize the way you manage your client projects.

Client Portal: Enhancing Collaboration

The Coordinate client portal lies at the heart of its functionality. This feature enables teams and clients to work collaboratively on projects. Not only does it provide a consolidated view of all tasks related to client projects, but it also facilitates the inclusion of clients or third-party stakeholders for specific tasks.

For instance, in an example portal provided during a Coordinate demonstration, there were several milestones created for an implementation project. Each milestone was associated with a set of tasks delegated between the team and clients. The portal also exhibited project goals to ensure everyone involved remained aligned with the project's objectives.

The portal even provides a transparent platform for clients. When a client is invited into the project, they are directed to a user-friendly page where they can see the tasks assigned to them. They can complete their tasks, seek clarification if needed, and upon completion, their task status is automatically updated, notifying the account manager.

Workflows: Customizing Processes

Coordinate offers client workflow capabilities to customize processes according to the specific needs of the business. This involves creating custom fields, stages, or other necessary components, thus providing appropriate access levels depending on the role of the individual, be it a client, a team member, or a team leader.

Moreover, Coordinate comes with features to automate process steps, enabling clients to track tasks due in the upcoming days, on the day, and past the due date. The automation of workflow facilitates efficient task management. If a client is unable to complete a task, the system reassigns it to the account manager to unblock the task or work on the next steps.

Dashboard: Managing Across Projects

One of the most beneficial features of Coordinate is its ability to manage across projects. An integrated dashboard provides a quick snapshot of upcoming tasks and recent activities. Users can sift through the list of open projects, tag them, assign statuses, or even add custom fields as per their requirements. Essentially, Coordinate centralizes all client-related processes, providing an efficient way to manage tasks.

Scaling Processes: Leveraging Reusable Templates

Another significant advantage of Coordinate is its ability to scale processes across different clients. This is achieved through the use of reusable templates, which allows the definition of a process once and its replication across multiple customers. Coordinate also allows visibility across all projects, and it can integrate with other systems like CRM or Box.

For instance, the platform demonstrated a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) template. It consisted of several tasks, with some assigned to specific roles like an account executive. These roles are defined at an account level, and can be setup in a template. As a result, every time this template is used on a project, the appropriate roles are assigned to respective tasks automatically. This feature allows businesses to scale and iterate their processes over time, facilitating the harmonious and efficient working of teams.


Coordinate is not just a project management tool; it is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your business's client project management. With its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and scalable processes, Coordinate ensures a seamless and efficient approach to client project management. For more information, visit the Coordinate website or create a free account to experience the platform firsthand. Be ready to revolutionize your business with Coordinate!