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Can I mix and match Individual, Standard, and Enterprise customers?

No, you select your account type, then all customers on your account will be at that tier.

Is monthly pricing available?

Yes, we offer monthly plans, however they won’t receive the annual discount.

Do I need to enter a credit card to get started?

No, you can signup for our Individual Tier without entering your credit card.

Is there any time limit on the Individual Tier?

Nope! Feel free to use it with up to 10 of your customers for free!

Is there any cap on the number of Customer Stakeholders I can invite to a Customer Portal?


What’s the difference between a Customer Stakeholder and
 a User?

A user is an individual at your company who wants access to Coordinate, like a CSM, Account Manger, Executive, Account Executives, etc. A Customer Stakeholder is a person involved with a single Customer Portal, such as people at your customer or 3rd parties.

Can I deactivate a Customer Portal?

Yes. Inactive customers are unable to access their Customer Portal until the it is reactivated. You are not billed for inactive Customer Portals.

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