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Coordinate is a client project management hub that helps service businesses grow while also delighting clients. It’s the best of both worlds: greater operational efficiency and a superior client experience.

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Hundreds of businesses choose Coordinate to serve and delight more clients

Meet Coordinate

Purpose-built for client work. Here's how.

Client Portal

Collaborate with clients effortlessly and effectively

While you and your team see everything needed to deliver projects successfully from beginning to end, your clients primarily see only the tasks they need to complete, with the option to see the whole plan.

Client Portal screenshots: Client's View vs Vender's View
Project Management

Deliver projects on time and with complete confidence

Replace the separate internal and external systems that you share with clients.

Monitor the status of all your projects and tasks with a single view.

Screenshot of Coordinate's Portfolio Oversight
Screenshot of Coordinate's complete chat capability

Drive alignment with internal/external chat and omnichannel notifications

Contextualized communication between your team and clients, organized by task along with a general discussion.

Process Automation

Standardize your best practices in a seamless way

Coordinate conforms to your process to help you deliver client projects in a repeatable and consistent manner.

As your best practices evolve, Coordinate evolves with you to make sure you’re always improving.

Screenshot of Coordinate's Reusable Templates
Collaborative Project Management
Complete Chat
Reusable Templates
Fully Branded Client Experience
System of Record
Automated Follow-Up
Client Login Page
Custom Fields
Zero Learning Curve
Read Receipts
Project Timelines
Time Tracking
Cross-Project Visibility
No Client Login Required
File Sharing

Key Benefits

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Finish projects faster

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Make clients happier

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Handle more business

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Boost performance and morale

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Always know what’s happening


Photo of Seth Forbus at Avsant
The most user-friendly portal our clients have ever used! 100% of our clients have responded positively to our onboarding process for Coordinate, with nothing but positive feedback. Everyone agrees – Coordinate is the most user-friendly portal they’ve used.

Seth Forbus
Senior Project Manager, Avsant

Photo of Michael Aparicio of Revby
Coordinate is the most used application we have. We’re using it to organize ourselves internally as well on a project-by-project basis. Coordinate helps us standardize our approach with customers through the templates that we’ve built, which also has the added bonus of easily onboarding new team members.

We’re also using Coordinate to track our internal metrics and time tracking to report on our performance each month.

Michael Aparicio
Founder and Principal Consultant, Revby

Testimonial photo.
Coordinate keeps us much better organized than Trello. The search is so much more functional, whereas with Trello if I didn’t remember a name, it was a mess. And new hires onboard in 30 seconds instead of 3 weeks because we no longer have to keep so many scenarios in our head.

Before Coordinate, I was also drowning in having to check email 10 times a day to make sure nothing slipped. Now we’re systematized, making it a lot easier to stay on top of everything.

Krissy Owens
Marketing Expert

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