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Are you getting surprised by churn?

Even when internal metrics said they were healthy? The reality is, your customer decides if your product is valuable, not you.

Coordinate is a simple, collaborative customer platform to help you align with customers and hold each other accountable.

Coordinate helps you prevent churn and create customers for life.

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Stay Aligned With Your Customers And Hold Each Other Accountable

Coordinate replaces the customer spreadsheets, slide decks, chat messages, and emails that you share with customer stakeholders but often get lost or go stale. It starts with our collaborative customer portals, but includes so much more.


Here’s What Others Are Saying

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"Coordinate helps us stay aligned with our customers, even the most complex, and their feedback has been really positive. We've even been able to stop using slides during customer trials."

Photo of Christian Romming, Founder and CEO of ETLeap
Christian Romming

Founder and CEO, ETLeap

"With Coordinate, we can do account reviews with our execs anytime, instead of creating tremendous workload for our team every quarter/month, all because Coordinate is kept up-to-date by our ACSMs."

Photo of Cassius Jones, of Smarking
Cassius Jones

Head of National Accounts and Customer Success, Smarking

"Coordinate works great to remind clients that they have a deadline and to keep the big picture in front of them. It's very easy to update the deadlines with one single click if there are any delays. The plan also keeps our clients engaged as we've had customers mention us in updates."

Photo of Shreya Bhattacharya, Customer Success Manager at The Cirqle
Shreya Bhattacharya

Customer Success Manager, The Cirqle

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