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Simplify Your Client Onboarding Process with Coordinate's "Create Project Links" Feature: A Comprehensive Guide

Managing and collaborating with multiple clients in your business ecosystem is no mean feat. To make this process more streamlined and seamless, we are introducing a comprehensive guide to Coordinate's innovative feature, the "Create Project Links". This unique feature simplifies your client onboarding process, saving your precious time and allowing you to focus more on your clients and executing the project.

An Introduction to Coordinate's "Create Project Links"

"Create Project Links" is a powerful feature offered by Coordinate, a powerful tool for you to run projects with your clients. The feature essentially allows you to create a custom form, which you can then integrate into your business's website. The form offers a convenient way for potential clients or new users to provide relevant details about themselves and their project needs.

Once a client fills out and submits the form, it creates a new project within Coordinate. Simultaneously, you receive a notification about the newly created project. This smooth process enables immediate collaboration between you and the client, enhancing project efficiency.

A Detailed Walkthrough of Using "Create Project Links"

Let's dive into a step-by-step guide to leveraging this dynamic feature to manage your client projects more effectively.

Step 1: Access the Settings

Once you've logged into Coordinate, locate the "Settings" button at the top of the homepage and click on it.

Step 2: Find the "Create Project Links" Feature

On the settings page, scroll down until you find the "Create Project Links" settings section. This section is where you'll design and manage your custom form.

Step 3: Design Your Project Link

Click on the button labeled "Create a new project link". A form will open, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Begin by creating a welcoming title and clear instructions that guide clients on how to fill out the form.

Step 4: Set Up Prompts for Crucial Information

Next, set up prompts for the details that will define your project's identity within Coordinate. This primarily includes the project's name and the email of the collaborator who will be invited into the project.

For instance, you can ask clients "What is the name of your company?" and the response will be used as the project name. You can also prompt them to provide their email address, which will be used to invite them into the project on Coordinate.

Step 5: Specify the Project Manager

At this stage, you need to assign a project manager. For instance, you might decide to assign yourself as the manager for all new projects. This assignment helps streamline project responsibility and management.

Step 6: Save and Review Your Form

Once you've filled out all necessary information, save your progress and preview the form. You can do this by copying the link provided and opening it in a new window. Ensure all elements are functioning as expected and that the instructions are clear to new users.

Step 7: Opt for a Template

While an empty project can be created via the project link, you also have the option to apply a pre-existing template to new projects. By selecting a template, all tasks and dates within the template will be set relative to the day the form is submitted, providing a solid base for your project's timeline.

Step 8: Assign Roles

Assigning a role to the client during the form creation phase will streamline the collaboration process. For example, assigning them the 'client' role ensures that any tasks designated to 'client' within the chosen template will automatically be assigned to them once they fill out the form.

Step 9: Personalize with Additional Questions

If you need more specific information about your client or their project needs, you can add more questions to your form. This personalization will not only enhance your understanding of your client's requirements but also allow you to tailor your services more effectively.

Step 10: Test the Complete Process

Testing is crucial to ensure everything functions seamlessly. Fill in the form using hypothetical data to evaluate the process from the client's perspective. Once submitted, Coordinate will send an invitation to the email address provided.

Step 11: Validate the Invitation and Begin Collaborating

To confirm the full process, accept the invitation that Coordinate sends out. On doing so, you'll see the individual has been assigned the role you designated earlier, the chosen template has been applied, and all their form answers have been saved.

Meanwhile, you will receive an email notification about this new project. This feature means you can start collaborating on the project right away, marking the beginning of a well-coordinated client journey.

The beauty of Coordinate's "Create Project Links" feature lies in its simplicity and effectiveness in improving client onboarding. By integrating it into your website, you offer potential clients a seamless way to initiate projects and engage with your services. It also streamlines your operations, improving efficiency, and ultimately boosting client satisfaction.

If you need further clarification or have any questions about this feature or its application, please feel free to reach out. We are here to make your client projects as smooth and positive as possible. So, start using the "Create Project Links" feature today, and enhance your client onboarding process!