How Smarking empowered their CS team and optimized for growth using Coordinate


The Challenge

Like every growing startup, Smarking was facing challenges on many fronts with a rapidly growing team and customer base. Scaling the Customer Success team was essential to ensure customers were properly onboarded and realized the value of Smarking’s products, but processes were complex and a lot of the overall account-level context lived in peoples’ heads.

Their situation was a common one:

  • Salesforce held pre-contract information

  • JIRA had most of the implementation details

  • Customer collaboration was primarily through emails, meetings, and shared documents

  • Post go-live customer status and touch points were tracked in spreadsheets

This led to big problems when there were new hires or role changes:

  • Salesforce and spreadsheets were often scattered and inconsistent, so people didn’t know what information to trust

  • Emails, docs, and slide decks were also scattered or existed only in one person's account

  • People couldn't fully leave their previous role or transfer their accounts because they were busy answering questions or stepping in to assist until the new person was fully up to speed

  • Without a clear context and plan for each customer, every decision became a discussion internally adding to overall account management overhead

The Solution

When Smarking adopted Coordinate they quickly found value in defining and documenting the plans and goals for each of their customers.

According to Wen Sang, the founder and CEO of Smarking

“Too much information was in people's heads—not visible, not easily transferable, not recoverable, not scalable. With Coordinate we’ve been able to move the account level perspective out of the manager’s head and into Coordinate."

Right away there were improvements to many of Smarking’s account management challenges.

They now have a centralized place for all members of the organization to see the status of their customers, where they are in their plan, and what goals they have achieved so far. With Coordinate’s notes and discussion threads the team is able to collaborate more effectively on large customers without the need to huddle for every decision. New hires are onboarded more quickly and have the context they need to manage the customers they are responsible for.

Wen summarizes the impact on the company best

“This is really a story of team empowerment. With clear goals and plans established in Coordinate, it gives our CSMs the authority to pursue the success of our customers with a focus and direction they didn’t have before. For me personally, I’m able to focus more on our strategy and the growth of the company because I know my team owns their portfolio of accounts and has the tools they need to collaborate and be successful.”

Customer profile

Smarking is a leading provider of enterprise software and data technology solutions for the massively overlooked $655B global parking industry.

Smarking is hired by organizations like Brookfield Properties, City of Miami, ABM Industry Groups, and many other enterprise industry leaders to turn their parking data into business results. Smarking's dynamic pricing engine has been creating 40%–400% revenue uplift for online parking sales at parking facilities in Chicago, NYC, Boston, and many other cities, without any manual involvement required from property managers, leveraging fully automatic algorithm-driven yield management technologies similar to the airline and hotel industries.

Smarking is currently making major investments in expanding the account and customer success management team. Check out Smarking’s careers page to see their open positions.

View Careers At Smarking

About Coordinate

Coordinate helps you make your high-value customers successful.

Coordinate ensures alignment and accountability throughout the customer life cycle.

Other benefits realized:  

  • Shorter time-to-value as your customers onboard faster
  • Less risk from team handoffs and turnover of both your team or theirs
  • Never lose track of renewals or expansion opportunities
  • Make better decisions with accurate visibility into each customer’s health and status

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