How Revby Increased Both Revenue and Project Velocity 100% with Coordinate


The Challenge

Revby contracts with municipalities and economic development organizations to provide management consulting services to local businesses. At times the demand is such that Revby needs to manage over fifty client projects at once.

Revby’s chief concern is the customer experience for its small business owner clients, but also its own team. Ultimately, Revby can’t deliver exceptional service without being organized and productive itself. The team at Revby needed the ability to quickly understand the status and scope of each project. Pulling information from different places and keeping track mentally was getting out of hand, in turn hurting project delivery and team morale. As the team grew, Revby hit a critical mass where its piecemeal solution was no longer workable.

  • Revby needed a way to remain organized while increasing scale and maintaining exceptional client service. Additionally, Revby needed an auditable system of record to meet federal compliance for its municipal contracts.
  • Michael Aparicio, Revby’s founder, experimented for up to six months with a patchwork of systems and looked at dozens overall. This alone proved to be an extremely time-consuming and expensive task. Each system Michael tried required extensive build-out and customization, only to determine in the end that the system was either too expensive, overly featured in areas Revby didn’t need, or just didn’t fit into their workflow. With his business quickly growing, Michael was out of time. He needed a solution that met his requirements and worked out of the box. That’s when Michael found Coordinate.
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Systems Disqualified or Replaced

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The Solution

100% increase
In 12 Months

With Coordinate, Revby now has a single place to plan projects and monitor their status, tracking assignments and milestones each step of the way. With better alignment and service, clients are happier than ever and team morale is soaring.

After an exhaustive six-month search across dozens of vendors, Michael finally found what he was looking for with Coordinate. He quickly recognized Coordinate’s design was built around best practices for collaboration, productivity, and keeping track of data. This was critical, as Michael didn’t have the time to build these practices himself out of the endless customization other systems require.

Coordinate quickly became Revby’s operating system and client system of record. In addition to streamlining their client project management, Coordinate is the first place the team at Revby looks during meetings to drive alignment and accountability. The team also uses Coordinate’s client portal to provide transparency and timely reporting to clients. If there is ever misalignment between what a client is saying and what Coordinate is showing, Coordinate’s client portal helps to resolve that misalignment very quickly. Revby also uses Coordinate for better capacity planning.


  • 100% revenue increase by being able to handle more business
  • 100% increase in project velocity while boosting team morale
  • Resolved billing discrepancies that also lifted revenue
Michael Aparicio, Founder at Revby

What caught my attention right away when I first discovered Coordinate was that we wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time building it out. It quickly became the most used application we have.

Coordinate quickly became Revby's operating system for client project management and exceptional client service delivery

Michael Aparicio, Founder at Revby

Our ultimate measure is the feel and experience a business owner comes away with after working with us. Do they have quantifiable metrics to show there were positive outcomes? Do they feel better, more motivated working with us? There’s a huge emotional component to our value proposition. We can only deliver those things if there’s an underlying system that enables us to work in an organized way. Coordinate is that system.

About Revby

Revby is a technical assistance and management consultancy that works with small business owners on projects ranging from business plan development to sales and marketing, strategy, operations, website development, and more.

Revby’s work focuses on small business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, business stages, and locations across the US. Their mission, like ours, is to support people on their journey to serve their communities, strengthen their presence, and secure their livelihood.

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About CoordinateHQ

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CoordinateHQ helps you make your high-value customers successful.

CoordinateHQ ensures alignment and accountability throughout the customer life cycle.

Other benefits realized:

  • Shorter time-to-value as your customers onboard faster
  • Less risk from team handoffs and turnover of both your team or theirs
  • Never lose track of renewals or expansion opportunities
  • Make better decisions with accurate visibility into each customer’s health and status

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