How Coordinate Helps Etleap Align with Customers

ET Leap

The Challenge

Etleap provides a technically complex product requiring close management of implementations and direct collaboration with the technical teams at their customer organizations.

In most cases this means multiple communication channels, shared documents, and frequent meetings. It’s a high-touch customer experience that helps their customers implement Etleap quickly and effectively, but it comes with its own challenges:

  • With project details, communication, and meeting notes kept in different places, it was difficult for the project teams on both sides to stay aligned on the status and next steps of projects.
  • Keeping the many moving pieces of a phased implementation project moving requires a lot of time and focus, but the teams need to also keep the higher-level goals of the customer in mind to ensure projects are going in the right direction so they don’t miss the mark.
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The Solution

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With Coordinate, the Customer Success team at Etleap now has a simple way to set expectations while onboarding new customers and maintain a shared plan with them throughout their initial implementation and beyond.

Soon after adopting Coordinate Etleap stopped using slide decks to outline their implementation process, opting instead to use Coordinate to show them the full plan for the project. Unlike their kickoff slide decks, the Coordinate plan can be updated easily on the fly and serves as a central place for the customer team to track progress and see what’s coming next.When we asked one of Etleap’s customer stakeholders about their experience with Coordinate they told us:“Our shared plan with Etleap has been really helpful. Each side can look at it and know what’s going on and who is responsible. The tool is straightforward and hasn’t required any training for our team. It’s simple for us to review and complete the tasks we need to.”

James Blessing, a Customer Success Manager at Etleap, said about Coordinate

“The sponsors really like it. Etleap is a sticky product, so we often become very entwined with our customers. Having the shared plans to capture our customers’ needs in a transparent way builds trust and gives our customers peace of mind. For us, it’s powerful to be able to capture customer goals and feature requests and bring them up in our meetings to make sure we’re aligned with our customers and know how to best support them going forward.”

For Etleap’s long-term customer relationships, Coordinate helps them stay aligned with their customers and keep everyone informed on both sides.

Christian Romming, CEO of Etleap, says about Coordinate:

“It has helped Etleap establish and maintain alignment with our customers more easily, and for us the impact is clear. Staying closer to our customers ensures we are delivering the value they expect and can continue to provide the support they need.”

About ET Leap

Etleap is an ETL solution for creating perfect data pipelines from day one.

Etleap is an ETL solution for creating perfect data pipelines from day one.

Unlike other enterprise solutions, Etleap doesn’t require extensive engineering work to set up, maintain, and scale. It reduces ETL setup time from months to days, automates most maintenance work, and provides transparency and full control over data pipelines. Etleap can run as a hosted solution (SaaS) or inside your VPC.

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About CoordinateHQ

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CoordinateHQ helps you make your high-value customers successful.

CoordinateHQ ensures alignment and accountability throughout the customer life cycle.

Other benefits realized:

  • Shorter time-to-value as your customers onboard faster
  • Less risk from team handoffs and turnover of both your team or theirs
  • Never lose track of renewals or expansion opportunities
  • Make better decisions with accurate visibility into each customer’s health and status

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