How Coordinate helped FanThreeSixty streamline their account management


The Challenge

For FanThreeSixty's ongoing high-touch relationships, the mix of shared documents, emails, and other tools they were using with clients resulted in too much overhead and challenges for scaling the team.

FanThreeSixty’s Client Success Team is dedicated to ensuring their clients are able to maximize their potential by utilizing fan data. Dealing with ongoing high-touch customer relationships with complex seasonal campaigns isn’t easy! FanThreeSixty supports parallel activity across each Client Success Lead’s (CSL) portfolio of accounts, so it’s critical to be able to stay on top of many moving pieces while also keeping customers engaged.

In order to meet this challenge, CSLs were managing their accounts with a variety of tools. While these tools helped the CSLs effectively deliver value to their clients, there were still some challenges:

  • Utilizing a variety of tools, creates its own difficulties in streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency.
  • Meetings, whether internal or customer meetings, involved additional preparation to consolidate information across the various tools.
  • With no central place for customers to see the big picture and understand what comes next, CSLs needed to send emails every step of the way to keep their customers moving forward.
  • When switching context from one customer to another, CSLs had to spend time looking through emails and multiple tools to make sure they remembered where they left off, what they told the customer, and what was next.

These challenges all pointed to the same fundamental issue: CSLs were spending too much time trying to stay organized and keep customers on track which took time away from focusing on strategy and value.

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The Solution


Coordinate provides a centralized place to stay on top of each client's progress, set expectations, and stay aligned. Sharing plans with clients directly means less overhead because everything is documented in Coordinate.

FanThreeSixty was an early adopter of Coordinate and started sharing plans with their customers right away. Originally their aim was to drive customer engagement and accountability, but the benefits for their own account management have been significant as well.

They now create plans for each customer campaign and share them with key customer stakeholders so they always have a centralized place to provide context, see what’s next, and bring up questions or concerns. They bring the plan up on every status call or planning meeting to serve as both a visual aid and a mechanism for focusing the conversation on what matters. Furthermore they use Coordinate’s notes and discussion threads to document decisions that were made, customer feedback, and updates about specific tasks and goals so that everything is in one place and shared with the customer.

When asked about how Coordinate has changed the way they work, the CSLs pointed out the following benefits:

  • We are now able to easily pick up right where we left off with each customer without needing to dig through emails and checking multiple tools.
  • Meeting preparation is simple because everything is in one place. This is particularly helpful when there are back-to-back meetings with different customers!
  • Coordinate helps us manage and prioritize across customer accounts because we can see everything we need to do in one place. It also gives us peace of mind that we aren’t forgetting anything!
  • We no longer need to send formal email follow ups with customers since it’s all documented in their plan. The stakeholders have access so they know where we are and what we need from them next.
  • We as CSLs feel more empowered with our customers because there is an agreed upon plan. If they are asking for additional services it’s easier to refer to the plan and clearly define the change in scope or say no if we need to.

With Coordinate, this Client Success team is now able to easily keep track of their accounts, collaborate internally, hold customers accountable, and focus more on the longer term strategy for each customer.

About FanThreeSixty

FanThreeSixty is a platform for high-performing sports organizations to harness fan data to create actionable insights and empower teams to ensure their business reaches its full potential.

The FanThreeSixty team consists of sports veterans and tech experts with a decade of experience creating value for our clients in the sports industry. They work with organizations around the world, in every sports vertical: professional, college, esports, governing bodies, venues and more. Their approach allows teams to transform their fan data into actionable insights and data-driven activations, saving them time and helping them focus on the outcomes that matter.

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About Coordinate

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Coordinate helps you make your high-value customers successful.

Coordinate ensures alignment and accountability throughout the customer life cycle.

Other benefits realized:

  • Shorter time-to-value as your customers onboard faster
  • Less risk from team handoffs and turnover of both your team or theirs
  • Never lose track of renewals or expansion opportunities
  • Make better decisions with accurate visibility into each customer’s health and status

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