Maximizing Labor Utilization


Company's Operations Across Texas

We're based in Texas, a state so large that driving from one border to another spans an incredible 870 miles, taking roughly 16 hours. Our reach extends throughout this enormous state, as we work with a variety of clients, many of which are universities situated near the borders of Mexico and other states.

Importance of Client's Preparedness in Project Implementation

The financial health of our company relies heavily on clients' preparedness in our projects. For instance, when installing a video wall, it's crucial that the client arranges for an electrician to set up the necessary power requirements in advance.

Efficiency in Project Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Our strategy pivots significantly when we find a client is not ready a few days before a project start. Instead of sending out company vehicles and crews on long cross-state trips only to find the prerequisites aren't met, we efficiently adjust our project timelines. We look for other projects where all prerequisites are complete and reroute our resources to those locations.

Adaptability to Client Situations and Maintaining a Full Labor Pipeline

Various unforeseen circumstances, like a worker falling ill or quitting their job, can delay a client's preparedness. Our policy is to respect these situations, as it's not our place to pry. But we always aim to maintain a full labor pipeline. Our strategy of flexible scheduling and adapting to circumstances on the ground ensures we always have work to do. This in turn boosts our efficiency, ensuring our profitability.