How Coordinate Drives Client Satisfaction and Referrals for Avsant


The Disorganized AV Industry

‍‍The AV industry is known for its disorganization, often relying on Excel spreadsheets and email updates to track project progress.

Setting Ourselves Apart

By providing clear articulation of project status, tasks completed, and upcoming work, we are surpassing our competition in the AV industry.

Impressed Executives and Clients

‍Executives, CIOs, provosts, and deans have praised our organization, control, and communication on projects, claiming it surpasses anything they have experienced before.

Positive Feedback on User-Friendly Software

Clients appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of our Coordinate client portal, with one network admin even stating it was his favorite compared to hundreds of other portals. The user friendliness, speed and accessibility of Coordinate is crucial when dealing with multiple vendors and tasks.