From Chaos to Clarity: The Transition from Trello to Coordinate


Managing a growing business with multiple clients, editors, and designers can be a complex and time-consuming task. The need for a system that consolidates communication and streamlines processes is paramount. Here's a firsthand account of the transition from Trello to Coordinate and how it transformed the way we work.

The Trello Nightmare: A Middleman's Struggle

With Trello, I found myself as the middleman for everything. Communicating with editors, designers, and clients meant having an individual board for every single person. Locating those boards across 60 or 70 clients was an atrocious task.

A Complex and Unmanageable System

The process of checking and answering comments from every single board every single day was absolutely undoable. I had set up a complex system for notifications, duplicating cards from one board to another, and checking three different boards. It was a mess, and we were dropping balls all over the place.

Clients were canceling, people were mad, and the blame fell on the company. The system was so convoluted that it was impossible to have a quick overview of what was going on with the team or to tag and monitor clients at risk.

Enter Coordinate: A Breath of Fresh Air

Coordinate changed everything. It consolidated all the chaos into a simple, easy-to-use platform.

Quick Overview and Easy Monitoring

With Coordinate, I could quickly have a lay of the land, see unanswered comments, recent activity, and easily check in on things. Tagging clients at risk or what I like to call our "panic clients" became a breeze. I could see at a glance who needed attention and ensure their needs were met before they decided to cancel.

Bringing Editors and Clients Together

Coordinate's simplicity impressed people from the get-go. Moving things from place to place became straightforward, and it brought the editor and the client together. There was more accountability, and problems were fixed before I even knew they were happening.

No More Middleman

The transition to Coordinate eliminated the need for me to be the middleman. It allowed for direct communication between clients and editors, fostering accountability and efficiency.


The transition from Trello to Coordinate was not just a change of tools; it was a transformation in the way we work. From a chaotic, complex system that was impossible to manage, Coordinate brought clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.

It's not just about managing tasks; it's about taking care of people, ensuring clients' needs are met, and building a system that fosters accountability and collaboration.

If you find yourself lost in a maze of boards and notifications, struggling to keep track of clients and tasks, it might be time to consider a transition to Coordinate. Experience the simplicity, clarity, and efficiency that can take your business to the next level.