Enhancing Client Engagement with Targeted Communication


Coordinate allows internal comments within a task or project. A practical example would be during an RMA process. With this feature, you can maintain a punch list on a project, and while the client can see the public-facing tasks, the internal communication can remain behind the scenes.

Streamlining Internal Communication with Internal Comments

With the new internal comments feature, you can directly communicate with your procurement team for updates or receive progress reports. This approach is highly useful, as it eliminates the need to involve the client in every minor update or change in the process, such as calls to manufacturers, order status, or alternative vendor choices. It also eliminates the need for continuous day-to-day tracking updates.

Ensuring Relevant and Timely Client Communication

The goal is not to hide information from the client but to prevent overwhelming them with unnecessary details. This practice can replace the previous approach, often referred to as "Outlook Hell," where every individual was copied on an email thread regardless of the relevance of the information to them. The focus is now on providing the client with information that is relevant, time-appropriate, and avoids wasting their time.

Enhancing Actionability of Communication and Relevance

The intention is to make each interaction with the client relevant, actionable, and interesting. The internal comment system and the ability to hide irrelevant tasks or groups from the client make the communication more targeted and efficient.

The Power of Targeted Communication

The new internal comments feature is a powerful tool for streamlining communication. It not only ensures that all the communication is targeted, useful, and actionable but also enhances the overall efficiency of the project management process. It prioritizes client communication, making it more meaningful and productive.