Driving Stakeholder Participation: A Blend of Technology and Communication


Using Coordinate's Collaboration Features for Stakeholder Engagement

From the perspective of positivity and engagement, the utilization of the new "Email all Collaborators" feature has been my most effective strategy in soliciting stakeholder buy-in. At the commencement of any project, this feature allows me to send a welcoming email to collaborators, which typically garners attention from around 80-90% of them. By tracking their activity using the visibility icon, I can monitor their level of engagement and assess whether they are utilizing the tool sufficiently. If not, this provides an opportunity for me to intervene, perhaps via a phone call, to encourage their active participation.

Leveraging Project Updates to Spark Interest and Engagement

Project updates are critical in maintaining stakeholder engagement and excitement. The accessibility of these updates through the email notifications, coupled with a well-crafted introductory paragraph, motivates stakeholders to engage more deeply with the project. I often communicate our team's enthusiasm about working with a client and share our daily progress. These updates also offer an avenue for stakeholders to delve further into project details by directing them to the task section within the tool.

The Power of Visuals in Fostering Excitement

Including visuals in updates, such as photographs of tasks completed or a stunning display of rack management, adds a tangible dimension to the progress of our work. This visually appealing showcase of our team's daily achievements sparks curiosity and excitement among stakeholders, encouraging them to explore more and engage more deeply with the project. This approach has proved successful in compelling stakeholders to further immerse themselves into the project's details and progress.