Coordinate's Responsiveness to Customer Requests


Appreciation for Openness to Feedback

Seth starts by expressing admiration for Rick's receptiveness to feedback. He illustrates his point by comparing his past experiences with large Fortune 25 companies and software vendors. Despite potentially huge investments in software subscriptions from such companies, Seth's feedback was often overlooked. Any requests for changes or improvements were usually met with vague responses and little to no follow-through.

Fast and Considerate Implementation of Changes

Seth then lauds Rick's team's promptness and discernment in implementing changes. Provided that the suggestions align with their software's vision, they've demonstrated impressive speed in evaluating and executing the proposed amendments. Seth acknowledges that not all requests can be fulfilled due to varying factors like alignment with the tool's direction or the complexity of the requested feature.

Shared Passion and Partnership

Praising the team's passion for their work, Seth draws parallels between his own startup's exponential growth and the need to stay agile. He appreciates the alignment of their teams' fervor for their respective industries. This mutual passion has led to an atmosphere of collaboration rather than a transactional relationship. Seth feels he is partnering with another team to meet each other's needs. He highlights the symbiotic relationship, where his startup and Rick's team ("Coordinate") grow together, creating a beneficial business scenario.