Coordinate's Push-Pull API Is Rare in the AV Industry


Avsant's Unique Skillsets and Open Source Advocacy

Seth begins by emphasizing their unique position among AV integration companies due to the diverse skillsets within their team, including backgrounds in IT and experience with high-profile institutions like MIT and Fortune 50 companies. He highlights his proficiency in Python and other languages used for visual data analytics and expresses his advocacy for open-source software and Linux.

API Integration and Automation

Seth stresses the importance of having software that allows integration with other tools. He understands that their tools are not intended to morph into inventory management or financial tools like QuickBooks. However, they need to interlink their software with these other systems. He emphasizes the value of an API for automation in their rapidly growing company, especially amid supply chain and staffing uncertainties.

For example, the ability to trigger an automated task through an API when inventory software indicates a shipment has arrived can save time and reduce manual interaction with the tool. Ideally, this automation would enable the project manager to control the information flow, reducing the need for other staff to access the tool solely to input information.

Efficiency Through Aggregated Data

Seth envisions a system where information from all other tools is aggregated into a single location, enhancing communication and coordination. He also mentions the benefits of pulling data, as they use visual data analytics tools like Tableau.

Such data integration helps in client negotiations and decision-making, such as determining whether a client is billed enough. They could identify issues, like a particular university's IT team consistently not completing tasks on time, and adjust charges accordingly. Similarly, data could highlight clients who are easy to work with, encouraging more business with them.

Struggles and Vision for API Usage

Seth shares past struggles where requests for an API were denied, with the justification that the information it reveals constitutes a company's "secret sauce." Seth clarifies he doesn't intend to compete but needs the API for their software to interact with others and facilitate reporting.

He mentions that his vision for their software stack aligns with Rick's (presumably another tech leader), which he found attractive. Seth argues that such a mindset is rare in their industry.