Collaborative File Sharing Drives Alignment


Advantages of Coordinate's Collaborative File Sharing

File sharing with Coordinate has been highly beneficial. It particularly supports our hybrid approach of using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. This feature enables seamless exchanges during sprints, such as with our designer. Our designer can upload a PDF of his GUI design for approval, showcasing what the GUI will eventually look like on the touch panel.

Enhanced Review and Feedback Process

The platform allows the CIO to review the design and ask for second opinions directly within the platform. By using the comment section, the CIO can request feedback from additional team members, thereby involving more stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Incorporating Collaborative Decisions

After this initial feedback round, the team can make collective decisions on the design, like choosing a color scheme. The system enables all involved parties to sign off on the final decision swiftly, keeping everyone informed about the developments in real-time.

Facilitating Agile Iterations

This platform also makes Agile revisions more manageable. Whenever a change or revision needs to be made, a new PDF can be quickly uploaded and shared. This constant exchange of updates has facilitated more efficient sharing and collaboration within the team.