Project Portfolio Dashboards

Is your team unclear what's happening across your customer base?

Are customer project details getting lost? Are project handoffs hard? Do you find yourself managing customer projects twice: once with customers, another for internal reporting?

With Coordinate's Portfolio Dashboards, your team will...

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Accurately see what’s happening across customer projects.

Coordinate is a more accurate view of your customers than internal notes in CRM or other internal systems. Why? Because Coordinate's projects are maintained in conjunction with customers through customer project portals and collaborative project management, ensuring all of your project details are accurate and up to date.

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Take the mental workload out of managing multiple customers.

Coordinate helps your team simultaneously manage multiple customer projects. Easily see what's happening across customers, and where you need to focus your attention.

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Give supervisors insight into what’s happening, so they don't have to continually harass their team.

Coordinate not only simplifies the customer-vendor relationship, but also simplifies managing customer projects for internal stakeholders. With Coordinate, supervisors automatically get a clear picture of how customer projects are unfolding whenever they need it.

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Get a fully integrated solution for customer projects.

We know you’re feeling system fatigue from too many disparate systems. Coordinate was built from the ground up to integrate into all of these different systems to prevent your team from doing double data entry, or needing to jump around from system to system.

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