Reusable Project Templates

Are you reinventing the wheel for every customer project?

Is every customer project execute differently? Are best practices getting lost? Is it hard to systematize your team's processes, making it hard to scale the team or handoff projects when necessary?

With Coordinate's Reusable Templates, your team will...

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Easily systematize your best practices.

Make sure everybody on your team uses your current best practices with each new customer project. Coordinate makes it easy to codify and evolve your best practices through a simple template library, including both project plans and customer goals.

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Scale your team.

Coordinate helps your team do more with less. Because Coordinate helps you automate processes, like automatically following up with customers, it helps free up time for you to work on other things.

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Easily handoff projects from one team member to another.

When you use Coordinate, each product will be based on your team’s best-practices templates. This enables you to not only standardize your approach, but make it much easier to hand off projects from one person to another when necessary.

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Onboard new members onto your team faster.

Coordinate helps new team members get up to speed quickly. They can quickly grok your team's best practices by looking at your templates, and they can look at in-flight customers to get a sense of how you actually run customer projects.

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