Reusable Templates

Use Coordinate to standardize your processes and efficiently scale your team

Coordinate’s template feature helps you package up best practices and make them repeatable on other clients and projects. Mix and match them, then customize to suit your client's specific needs.

How does Coordinate help you scale?

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Save project templates

Create a project for a client once and save it as a template for your colleagues or your future projects.

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Modular template loading

Save and load pieces of projects so you can just apply the processes and milestones you need for a given project or client.

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Case Studies

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Etleap logo
5 min read

How Coordinate helps Etleap align with customers

Coordinate helps Etleap stay aligned with their customers and keep everyone informed on both sides.

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Smarking case study by Coordinate
5 min read

How Smarking empowers their CS team and optimizes for growth

Smarking is hired by organizations like Brookfield Properties, City of Miami, ABM Industry Groups, and many other enterprise industry leaders to turn their parking data into business results.

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FanThreeSixty logo
5 min read

How FanThreeSixty streamlines their client account management

FanThreeSixty’s Client Success Team is dedicated to ensuring their clients are able to maximize their potential by utilizing fan data. Dealing with ongoing high-touch customer relationships with complex seasonal campaigns isn’t easy!

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Coordinate Features

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Client-facing task workflows


Goal tracking and success plans


Streamlined cross-client dashboards


Reusable client process templates

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How to get started?

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