Integration and Automation

Dealing with too many systems? System fatigue is real!

There are so many different systems that each customer-facing team deals with on a given day, not to mention customers themselves! Do you find yourselves ducttaping processes together with email and spreadsheets to accommodate everybody? Is it a lot of unnecessary work to keep everything in sync?

With Coordinate’s Integration and Automation, your team will...

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Prevent double-data entry.

Coordinate automatically synchronizes data between your systems so that your team will never need to enter the same thing twice in multiple places

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Automate your processes.

You can automatically trigger events inside Coordinate from other systems, or use events inside Coordinate to trigger external actions.

Screenshot of customer goal tracking

Simplify your team’s day-to-day processes.

Coordinate is built to be the single source of truth on your customer projects, for both you and your customers. To do this, Coordinate fits snuggly into your processes via our integrations and automations so that it's smooth and nothing gets lost.

Example integrations

A few ways our customers are using Coordinate's integrations:

  • Synchronize project updates in Coordinate back to CRM.
  • Use project status changes in Coordinate to trigger external workflows.
  • Automatically create a project in Coordinate when an opportunity is closed won in CRM.
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