Customer Goal Tracking

Do your customer projects get misaligned?

Do you both have very different ideas of what success looks like? Do they forget the value you've provided?

With Coordinate's Customer Goal Tracking, you will...

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Be aligned with customers on what the goal posts are for your projects.

Hitting your project's goals is necessary to ensure you deliver value, so Coordinate keeps the customer's goals in view at all times for both you and your collaborators.

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Take a minute to celebrate wins with customers when goals are achieved.

When a goal is completed, Coordinate helps you and your customers take a minute to celebrate together! This helps everybody agree on the successes and value realized, and also sets you up to figure out what the next goals are.

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Ensure customer realize value delivery.

Goals can change. Coordinate makes it easy to check in and confirm your customer's goals so that you stay aligned with them and ensure that you deliver value. You also always have a clear history of how the goals evolved over time.

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