Customer And Client Project Portals

Are your customers confused about the status of their projects and what’s happening next?

Are your customers inundated with emails, slacks, and spreadsheets? Does this mess confuse both you and your customers? Do people drop the ball and project timelines slip?

With Coordinate's Customer Project Portals, you will...

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Stay in lockstep with customers to keep projects organized and ontrack.

Coordinate's Customer Project Portals help you and your customers track project plans, align on project goals, share files, communicate, and complete deliverables on time.

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Make sure nothing slips through the cracks with automatic reminders.

Coordinate sends project stakeholders automatic reminders when needed, tailored specifically for each person.

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Communicate seamlessly and securely with customers.

Coordinate helps you and your customers communicate in a simple, threaded way. Provide secure access to project materials through Coordinate's seamless authentication. Your customers don't need to login or create a new account!

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Provide your customers a whiteglove customer experience.

Coordinate helps you put your best foot forward with customers through a fully branded, white-glove experience. You never have to train them on how to use Coordinate.

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Try it for free with up to 10 customers.

Coordinate saves your team time while helping you secure additional sales and expansions.

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