Collaborative Project Management

Customer projects require
purpose‑built project management.

You have your own project management tools, so do your customers. You need a bridge to be able to work with each other in a structured and organized way. Emails and spreadsheets don’t cut it.

With Coordinate's Collaborative Project Management, you will...

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Have everything you and customers need for the project in one place.

Keep both you and customers aligned and accountable in a light-weight, seamless way. Clear expectations, ownership, and transparency.

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Stop losing stuff in email and elsewhere.

Coordinate keeps every member of the project team aligned on project goals and what needs to happen. Customers get tailored visibility through Coordinate’s portal, regular project status emails, and reminders on tasks that require their attention.

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Reduce friction between you and your customers.

Your competitors share emails, spreadsheets, and generic project management with their customers -- it's overwhelming.

Coordinate helps your team provide whiteglove service, with a branded, seamless customer experience. Coordinate doesn’t require your customers to create new accounts or log into new systems.

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Simplify project handoffs.

Coordinate provides organization and full project histories to all stakeholders, making it easy to handoff from one team member to another or handle disputes. You’ll never again have to forward a stream of emails trying to explain to somebody where a project is.

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