Collaborative Project Management

Unlimited collaboration across customers, organizations, teams, and stakeholders

Whether you're implementing software, providing professional services, or supporting long-term enterprise customers, Coordinate ensures you keep projects on-time and on-budget through better alignment and accountability.

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Unlimited collaborators across organizations

All Coordinate plans come with unlimited collaborators, so invite as many as you need to! Whether its just too keep collaborators in the loop or if they are co-managing the project with you, they are always free.

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Tailored for each collaborator

Sharing is managed per project so you never have to worry about collaborators seeing what they shouldn't. Simple permissions ensure you stay in control and your collaborators have the access they need.

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Centralized progress and history

All collaborators have one place to go to see the current state and history of your project. Coordinate keeps a history for each task, milestone, and goal so you never lose track of who said what or when targets moved.

Are your collaborators confused with scattered spreadsheets, slacks, emails, and more?

Does your team lose track of projects?

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Coordinate keeps everything you AND your collaborators need in one place.

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