Branded Collaborator Portal

Make Coordinate an extension of your business with branding

External collaborators get a clean view branded with your logo and colors so it doesn't feel like another system.

Screenshot of goals and discussions feature

Show your brand

Quick and easy setup puts your brand on Coordinate. Collaborators see a page that looks like it came from you!

Screenshot of shared plans feature

Clean and transparent

Your collaborators don't see Coordinate, they see a clean project page that comes from you!

Screenshot of shared plans feature

Consistent experience

Branding doesn't just apply to the Coordinate application - it affects all email alerts and reminders for your collaborators. When they get an email, it will look like it's from you!

Are your collaborators confused with scattered spreadsheets, slacks, emails, and more?

Does your team lose track of projects?

Illustration of a person managing projects with ease

Coordinate keeps everything you AND your collaborators need in one place.

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