Why Coordinate?

Stop getting surprised by churn and missed expansions.

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Ensure customers reach their goals

Your customers' goals aren’t to implement your product, or to train on it, etc. Instead, they are trying to realize some business value, for example increase revenue, decrease costs, or increase efficiency.

Coordinate helps capture and maintain an accurate understanding of your customers' goals over the life of the relationship.

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Drive accountability and engagement

Once you know your customers' north star, Coordinate helps you drive accountability on both your team and theirs.

Coordinate helps make sure that nobody drops the ball.

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Grow accounts and maximize LTV

Coordinate helps you standardize and scale your entire customer-facing team. When you find customer-facing processes that work, make sure your whole team starts taking advantage of those best practices.

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With better coordination, your product can deliver its full value and create customers for life.

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