Coordinate Helps You Create Customers For Life

Collaborative Customer Success Plans Help You Create Customers For Life

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Standardize Your Team’s Best Practices Across Customers

Never Let Another Customer Slip Through The Cracks

Never Let Another Customer Slip Through The Cracks

Retaining Your Customers is All About The Relationship

Customers initially bought your product because they're trying to solve specific business problems. If you help them solve these problems, then they will be customers for life. And if you can't help them solve their problems, then they will churn.

Even if your product has problems or there are delays in delivering it, customers will be quite understanding as long as you're helping them get where they're going. The key to this, though, is to build trust. Even when challenges arise. 

Customer retention comes down to whether or not your product actually delivers value. And, when it doesn't, whether or not you've established trust and a good relationship with them.

Our Customer-Centered Strategy Keeps Them Happy

No amount of internal dashboards or spreadsheets are going to help you ensure that you're actually delivering value to your customers. Your internal dashboard and your internal spreadsheets are inward-facing, resulting in you focusing primarily on your own success and not necessarily your customers' success.

Coordinate changes this paradigm by making sure that you actually focus on the customer. When you're trying to solve challenges, make sure that they are aligned with the challenges the customer wants you to solve. When there are delays, you must work with your customer to help them through them as best you can.

How We Help You Create Customers For Life

If your team is consistently good at solving your customers' challenges, then you will build trust with them and as you deliver value you will turn them into customers for life.

Coordinate helps this by helping you understand what it is they're trying to accomplish, we help you align on their goals. And then once you know their goals, coordinate helps you and your customers hold each other accountable. Coordinate helps everyone do what they say they're going to do, and when things slip, Coordinate makes sure there's clear visibility for all the stakeholders involved.

With alignment, accountability, and visibility, you and your customers will be able to build a stronger partnership together based on trust and focus on what the customer actually wants.

Having a Retention Plan is the First Step

What you don't want to do is need to dive and save a customer once it's already in trouble. From the very beginning of your relationship with your customers, you want to make sure that you are working closely with them to deliver what it is that they want.

When you first start working with them, it's a very good time to discuss the plan and the ultimate goal that they are trying to accomplish. It's a great time to get there buy-in on what deliverables you'll need from them, or what things they need to do in order meet their goals. If for whatever reason things start going sideways in the future, it will be very helpful to have a mutually agreed-upon plan that you can refer back to in order to mitigate any challenges that arise.

This clear plan between you and your customers serves as both a success plan, a road map on what they'll need to do in order to be successful, and a retention plan if and when things go sideways.

Not Just Another Tool that Focuses on Retention Rate (They’re Doing it Wrong)

Most of the tools that focused only on retention rate, like a red/yellow/green internal dashboards, are mostly self-serving for you as the vendor. It's all about you getting the renewal and not about the customer delivering value.

Just focusing on retention is very self-serving. Instead, focus on how successful your customer is in their mind. Evidence for true customer success are things like renewals, expansions, case studies, and other things that prove the customer is actually deriving value.

If you have customer are not actually delivering value, it's a liability because they are going to churn at some point. Or, they'll end up wasting a lot of your team's precious time.

Schedule a Software Demo and Learn How to Retain Customers the Right Way

Coordinate is meant to help you better align with customers and hold each other accountable. The entire purpose of Coordinate is to help you better deliver value for customers.

Unlike a lot of existing software customer success solutions that cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and take 6 to 12 months to implement, you can start using Coordinate today. It's very simple and easy to use. We even offer a free evaluation if you would like to try it with a few customers prior to buying anything.

We're happy to run you through what it looks like in a demo. If you'd like to see Coordinate on some of your own processes and workflows, we're also happy to show you in a custom demo prior to you buying anything.

if you're interested in learning more please request a demo today.

Coordinate Ensures Customer Success For Your High‑Value Relationships.

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