Hands-on SaaS Onboarding Template

Use this template to run an onboarding process for your customers to get up and running with your SaaS product.

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Template Overview

Congrats on the new customer! Now it's time to get them up and running successfully with your product! Our Enterprise SaaS Onboarding guide is broken into four areas:

  1. Kickoff and Implementation - In this phase you'll help your customer get everything they need to get up and running with your product, whether that's configuring the system, performing integrations, or anything else.
  2. Training and Go-Live - In this phase, your customer is ready to start using your system in product, so it's time to train them and officially go-live.
  3. One-Month Checkin - Once they're live, it's important to check in with them. In this phase, you'll have collect feedback and meet with your customers to see if they need anything.
  4. Questions and Feedback - This section enables your customers to ask questions and provide feedback in a way that you can track and respond to.

A quick note, our SaaS onboarding is intended for hands-on projects, where you're going to help customers adopt and get up and running with your software.

Best Practices For Using This Template

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