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Design Project Template For Clients

Use this template if you're working on a design project with a client.

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Template Overview

This template helps you run a design project with your clients or customers. It is broken into 4 phases and a Q&A section, although you can add or change them as needed:

The 5 groups included are:

  • Kickoff - This phase is where you initiate the design project. You should meet with your clients at the kickoff call, confirm their requirements, and review the timeline.
  • Design Review #1 and Design Review #2 - The next two phases are intended for the design reviews. You can upload whatever documents you have when you're ready for the design review, then meet with the client and collect their feedback. You may want more or less design review groups, depending on your process.
  • Final Deliverables - The final phase of the process is when you give your client their final deliverables. In this phase, you'll upload your final deliverables here, and discuss next steps with the client.
  • Q&A - The Q&A group is intended to give your client a structured way to ask you questions and provide feedback.

Best Practices For Using This Template

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