Coordinate Helps You Create Customers For Life

Collaborative Customer Success Plans Help You Create Customers For Life

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Reuse best practices across customers, team members, products, segments, and more.

Never Let Another Customer Slip Through The Cracks

Never let another customer slip through the cracks

The Customer-Centered Approach to Reducing Churn

Your customer is the one who will choose whether or not to renew. It doesn't matter what you think. Or, what's good for your business. Or, what your boss wants. Or, anything else.

At the end of the day, you and your team need to focus on understanding what your customers want, and then making sure that they get it. This is not always easy, but it is the only way to ensure that they will be successful using your product, that they’ll derive value from it, and that they’ll become a customer for life.

Churning is Costly

Getting a new customer is a lot more difficult than retaining an existing customer. For new customers you have a high cost of sale, including marketing, sales, and commissions.

With existing customers who already know what they want, you've already sold them so you know that you actually can get money out of them. And, it's just a lot less friction to get them successfully using your product.

For almost all companies, the majority of revenue comes from existing customers. When you lose an existing customer, it's extremely expensive because in order to increase your revenue next year you need to sell additional new customers to backfill your churned customers from the previous year.

How We Help You Create Customers For Life

Even companies that know how important their existing customers are fail to turn them into customers for life.

They’ll put in place red/yellow/green dashboards. They'll put in place NPS scores. But still at the end of the day, they fail to deliver what their customer actually wants.

The problem is that  existing customer success approaches are primarily focused on the vendor, not the customer. Coordinate helps by helping you focus on your customers and what they actually want. Coordinate then helps you hold them accountable to follow through on what they say they’ll do.

It's All About the Relationship

The most important thing that Coordinate does is it helps you focus on the relationship with your customers. Not what your sales team thinks they heard. Or, what your customer-facing support team thinks that they heard. But actually collaborating with the customer on what is most important to them from point of view.

Coordinate Is Not Yet-Another-SaaS. It's Transparent And Feels Like An Extension Of Your Business

We know you are SaaS fatigued. We know your customers are SaaS fatigued as well.

So then how do you use the power of software to help them without feeling like yet another piece of software?

At Coordinate, we work very hard to make our products feel transparent and seamless, they shouldn’t feel like yet-another SaaS tool. You don’t need to explain Coordinate to your customers, or train them on how to use it. It’s transparent, and allows you to focus on your business and your customers. 

With Coordinate, you can start focusing on your customers and making sure that your product delivers what they want. You’ll appear much more modern to them, compared to sharing spread sheets or slide decks. 

You’ll be able to better deliver value, get the next expansion, and turn them into customers for life.

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As you get better at providing the customer what they want, you're going to see turn start the decrease.

Coordinate Ensures Customer Success For Your High‑Value Relationships.

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